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Channels not storing and wifi not connecting and smarthub not loading

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 3:45 pm
by Harkesh80
Hello there Guys,
My tv is an ue46es8000. i did the wrong thing and update. but since i did i have lost wifi, my channels are lost every time i switch off and my smarthub just shows starting then does nothing, i also noticed i could not rename the tv under device name.
i have down what i can folling guides from here to downgrade the firmware. i have now got 2014.2 but i still have the same problems. is there something simple that i have not done.

also i contacted samsung about this and was told that this has happened because the update was not done sequentially. meaning that a few updates were missed when the tv was not connected to the web. so i tried to update the software by downloading the firmwares and applying them in order but have had no success. if any body can help please....
Thanks in Advance H.