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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by anowopolski »

This is very interesting forum. I`ve 40h6700 and 32b553.

Thanks and best regard,

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by sonic67 »

Hello everyone.
I'm new and I greet all members.

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by kykyly »

hola a todos
tengo un UE55ES8000. me atrae el tema oscam, pero no se como empezar, espero aprender con vuestra ayuda
un saludo

Hello everyone
I have a UE55ES8000. oscam topic attracts me, but not how to start, I hope to learn with your help
a greeting

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by ttt666 »

Hi to all! Hope to enjoy here :)

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by Dells »

Hi all
Was looking how to get Skype back on my Samsung smart TV and found this site so hopefully I will learn,and hopefully get Skype back on my TV
Old man but still learning

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by juusso »

Skype service had been stopped years ago. This means, even if you install skype to tv, skype won`t work simply because it does not have server to login to. Skype is dead thing on samsung tv unless samsung decides otherwise...
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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by world78 »

Hi to everyone!!! I have search you. I have a tv Samsung ue55es8000. I'm italian... can you help me to search the instruction and the files (firm) to install this device in my tv??

THANKS!!!!!!!! :)

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by marianekvs »

Hello to all forum members. I have a Samsung ue46es6800 tv and I am interested in oscam.

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by sintaxerror22 »

Hello :D
I'm happy today :D :D

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