Samygo on samsung UE46ES6710 latest firmware

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Samygo on samsung UE46ES6710 latest firmware

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Hello, so first I warn but I'm French so I use google trad to English translation (it is well known languages ??are not our forte).
I am brand new to the hack TV. I want to do this to use the full potential of my TV without being constrained by the various protection samsung. I read the wiki and I'm not understand everything so I'd like to get help from some people who might me just explain the method to be applied.

So I have a Samsung UE46ES6710 TV with the latest firmware available which is 001040, I went into service mode and I got the data T-MST10PDEUC-1040.2
I'd like to know what is possible with this configuration and what I can do exactly with it, thank you in advance for your help.



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Re: Samygo on samsung UE46ES6710 latest firmware

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I have the same TV-set. Model UE46ES6710, but newest FW - T-MST10PDEUC-2006.0. And I can not ROOT my TV.
When I install SamyGo from USB, I see icon in Smart HUB, and can run it and see on TV - SamyGO Installed! Press return to exit.
But I can not connect to my TV throught Total Commander.

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Re: Samygo on samsung UE46ES6710 latest firmware

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