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EH6030 default source

Post by mornayhey »

Hope someone can help or provide some info

I recently did a factory reset (not from within SM but from normal menu) after messing around with the colour / brightness settings. All settings were set back to defaults (which is fine) BUT everytime I now switch the TV on, the source is EXT. I don't have anything plugged into the USB port. I only have one HDMI cable connected, NOTHING else. So then I have to switch through the sources to get to HDMI. But after the TV is powered off and back on, the default source is EXT.

Any way to fix this?


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Re: EH6030 default source

Post by ashaylin12 »

Hi there, i am also experiencing such problems. Did you manage to solve the problem? Please help. Thank You.

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Re: EH6030 default source

Post by notengo13 »

You can try in Service menu to find Power Failure//OFF/state (don't remember right now) or something like this and change from source EXT to TV I remember to see something like this there. mayby this can help. watch out what you change in Service Menu because HIGH RISK OF BRICK.
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