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Re: [NEW] Samyweb support PHP 5 ... [testers need]

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:14 pm
by arris69
sulph8 wrote:Philippe,

Nice... I think we should all get together and see what we would like now done with the web-interface compared to plugins.. Anyone Care to start? Maybe we should look @ the SamyGo All in one plugin, and use that as a base?
if you like i can assamble a skeleton package (directory structure and sample init script to start)
sulph8 wrote:Philippe,

But instead of downloading stuff putting it on a stick we use the webinterface to wget the builds off the server and install them individually. Let us know what you guys want included in the web interface, and lets see what we can do....
i think for package installation the ipkg system is optimal, in fact ipkg will install depencities automaticaly.
(and it uses wget for downloads :) )


Re: [NEW] Samyweb support PHP 5 ... [testers need]

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:21 pm
by erdem_ua
It looks good improvement.
Will test on this weekend or next :)
Can you send plugin to my mail?

Re: [NEW] Samyweb support PHP 5 ... [testers need]

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:27 pm
by arris69
father-mande wrote:Hi arris69,

Yes I work to used ipkg .. but I have to validate all the structure I need ... and sorry, for me it's no so simple ... If you have started the job, please inform me that I don't work twice , I play on others hardware (Qnap ARM Nas, Emtec Q800, Linksys wrt54g ...) so I am not so serious :mrgreen: to do a soo good job as it's need ...
in worsest case we can change the starterlib to start the init scripts in a chrooted directory and mount needed directories from outside with

Code: Select all

mount -o bind
than we can stay with the applications in a "normal" linux directory structure, so than no need to patch
stuff to fit the selp directory structure.
father-mande wrote: The second point, is that I don't know wath others tools or applications can be need, if it's only one or two ... sure that tha actual "model" is enought ... more it's must be interresting to go to ipkg ... I don't have any opinion .... :lol: :lol:
answer is sipmle, we need all applications what ever was written :D the users don't need to install them all, but it schuld be simple to install
something (over webfrontend, SDL-whatever, flash-something...)
father-mande wrote: did you agree with the usage of /dtv in place of /opt, in this case change are minor .... if not, we have to look exactly the impact and so on ... no?
the second point is where we put the shared repository for sources (ipkg sens) and how-to manage the update if needed ????
the /dtv is a tmpfs so you lose the content of every reboot, space is limited to ~10MB
best places are:
usb device, /mtd_tlib, /mtd_wiselink or /mtd_down (check it with df)
father-mande wrote: For the moment on SamyGo project I am focused to be able to manage all (mounting shares, stop / start applic. from a unique point based on web page) to have status and see wath append. Unfortunatly I think that I am better to use script versus php ... bad :oops: .
but without to patching the firmware the user have to start the webserver from <?> than have to fire up the computer, webbrowser etc...
i think it is more comfortable to do this direct from the content library.
father-mande wrote: My second test are to be able to write message using SDL during the "game hack" lauching application ... the actual result is a beautiful coredump :o :D :D
in theorie it should be possible to show messages over the upnp framework of the tv (you can control play stop pause and volume also with gupnp-av-cp)
father-mande wrote: Philippe.
Only put my small stone to build the wall ...impress by the job done by the team of this forum .. Thanks again to all.