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Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:09 am
by erdem_ua
Integration of VideoAR Fix V2 patch is not as easy as older ones.
And, I have some other jobs this days (DivFix++ v0.34 release)

I started to implement patch yesterday and made temporary solution. I tried now and It looks working good.
Unfortunately, its only working in linux. Not working in mac and windows. (because I am trying/inspecting some other binary diff algorithms for code injection.)

I wanted that this script is independent to any library or OS.
So I am trying to include differences to in the script itself, not using 3rd party tools.
Now I decided to write down my custom hexdiff engine. It looks working :D

Currently we have VideoAR Fix v.2 patch for ONLY for LE(EU) series, not LN (USA) series. We needed to extend support to LN family too.
New script will be available this day or next. But not include LNxx firmware version.
Being late is better than bricked TV, right? 8-)
I am on the case and need some patience.


Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:02 am
by erdem_ua
yawniek wrote:

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./SamyGO\ Firmware\ Patcher\ v0.07 T-RBYDEU
Detected XOR key is : T-RBYDEUC
No image/exe.img.enc file in directory of T-RBYDEU
do i need to make that image/exe.img.enc on my own? how?
Himm. :geek:
It's look like your TV is not supported by our script.
Normally, firmwares that we patched has an file of image/exe.img.enc
But it looks your firmware hasn't got this.
We only make tests/support for T-CHL7DEUC and T-CHEAUSC. ( LExxB65x and LNxxB65x firmwares without CI+ interface )

You model looks like old (or previously released) Samsung TV. Could you leave your TV model?
I investigated firmware and found some good news. I think we can support this firmware too. Don't expect low level hacks like VideoAR Fix (might be possible for AR Fix v1 too).
I think that telnet, WiFi, mounting NFS could be supported with yours help :)
Need some time for investigate deeply.
Until then, please decide if you stand brick your TV ;)

Thank you.


Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:23 am
by erdem_ua
I open a topic for your firmware on Firmware forum,
Use there for your firmware, thanks :)

Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:55 pm
by steve-austin

I would like to confirm that the patcher script runs really good with my european b650 with this original firmware T-CHL7DEUC.

I hope that a UPNP patch comes a day for my LynkStation server (NAS).

Great work!!!

Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:40 pm
by erdem_ua
mod77 wrote:Hello,
just a Question.

Could I use this script to patch the T-CHU7DEUC (2004.o or 2008.2) firmware on UExxB70xx (actual i have the UE46B7090) LED TVs?
If not, will the be a script for those LED TVs in the future?

Thanks for replies.
This script is not tested with T-CHU7DEUC, but I think it's compatible with script.
Script will add only telnet support to firmware. We don't make VideoAR Fix v1 or V2 on that platform.

I haven't decide to pushing new files to fat image. It will break OS dependence. It's easy to do it in linux but windows.

Hey project started 20 days ago. Need little time :) I have a legal case and I am fighting with lawyers this week ( with national ADSL company at Turkey, not with Samsung, yet :D )