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Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 8:33 am
by erdem_ua
mod77 wrote: Thanks for your reply.
Will there be any chance that the VideoAR Fix will be implemented on the T-CHU7DEUC (2004.o or 2008.2) firmware?
What?s about the firmware version check of the TVs. When I try to flash a firmware with the same firmware version there is a popup "There is already the same or newer firmware installed". Is it possible to flash a firmware modified with the patcher script with the same version (e.g. TV contains Original FW v2004.0 => Flash patched firmware 2004.0)?
Yeah. I can implement V1 Fix next week but I can't handle V2 Fix. V2 need code injection to exeDSP and I have no required tools. If you have neck, you can apply v2 patch from sources.(Requires ASM understanding and IDA)

For installing FW, please revert back your current Firmware (using from menus), than you can flash patched firmware as a new version. Please don't try to edit version numbers (unless you know what you are doing well) on firmware because it became harder to fix it later. Thanks.

Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:12 pm
by erdem_ua
mod77 wrote: Ahhh. I fond the Infos. v1 only implements the Fit option. Correct?
I want to use the firmware version 2004.0 becase of the juddering issues in version 2008.2.
Is there any workaround or solution to "hard-flash" older versions?
No I think there is some more modes too. But when you think, V1 is enough. V2 Fix is overkill :) NewAge or some other hacker could provide v2 fix for your firmware later.

Hard-Flashing is available via Telnet or serial cable.

You can also patch 2008 version for telnet than flash patched 2004.0 via hard-flashing.
I don't have any experience changing version file at Firmware. You can also change this version to 2004.1 but result is unknown for now.

Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:37 pm
by erdem_ua
Himmm weird problem...
Patching looks ok Right?

Have you tried with 2008.2 patched?
Is it give same error?

Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:14 pm
by erdem_ua
mick177 wrote:Hello,

Could I use this script to patch the T-CHU7DEUC (2004.o or 2008.2) firmware on UExxB80xx (actual i have the UE46B8000) LED TVs?
If not, will the be a script for those LED TVs UExxB80xx in the future?
Yes you could use. But 2004.0 gives error when Mod77 tried to flash it. You can try it too. Since it's same Firmware, it's compatible.