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SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2009 12:19 am
by erdem_ua
I write a script for easy modification of files.
I chose python for OS portable solution.
You don't needed use hex editor any more.

Only unpack your firmware to any directory
then give path of this directory to forum
python /home/user/T-CHL7DEUC/

SamyGO File Download

v0.01 initial Release
v0.02 Added & after telnet init for run exeDSP if telnet script returns error or not.
v0.03 Added newagehun's VideoAR fix for T-CHL7DEUC v2004.1 Firmware.
v0.04 Added VideoAR fix for T-CHEAUSC Firmware version 1012.3 (Usualy named as 2009_DTV_1G_firmware.exe).
v0.05 Fixed file open mode by forcing binary for windows. Thanks dolak for indicating bug.
v0.06 Fixed the CRC sign problem. Thanks atempbloggs for indicating bug.
v0.07 Added NewAge's VideoAR Fix v2 for T-CHL7DEUC v2004.1 Firmware and patch code improvements.
v0.08 Added VideoAR Fix v1 for T-CHU7DEUC Firmware version 2004.0 and 2008.2.
v0.09 Added VideoAR Fix v1 for T-CHL7DEUC Firmware version 2005.0.
v0.10 Added VideoAR Fix v1 for T-CHU7DEUC Firmware version 2009.0.
v0.11 Added Telnet or Advanced Mode switch.
v0.12 Fixed not make encryption if no VideoAR fix situation.
v0.13 Added VideoAR Fix v1 for T-CHU7DEUC Firmware version 3000.G
v0.14 Added VideoAR Fix v1 and WiseLink hack for T-CHL5DEUC Firmware version 2008.0
v0.15 Added Automatic VideoAR Fix v1 Patching for All FAT exe.img images.

Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script for Telnet Enable

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:12 pm
by erdem_ua
gafe wrote:Thanks, good work, will test it changing /etc/ for /mtd_rwarea/ &
Adding the ampersand it's (I think) a security measure to assure exeDSP gets loaded and prevent a boot loop if run_this fails....
Thanks fixed in v0.02

Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:21 pm
by erdem_ua
gafe wrote:The script I downloaded miss a " in line 131...
Fixed in same version too. :) I replace the file. Thanks.

Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Fri Oct 09, 2009 10:37 pm
by erdem_ua
Yes I write script for python 2.6.x version. Not for python 3.
I don't like that new print statement of python.
Also directory structures will different on windows system. I will handle this soon to.
Thank you for indicating problem.
I will try to fix them soon.

Re: SamyGo Firmware Patcher Script

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:17 am
by erdem_ua
I though that I fixed it :o ! I use that xor code in linux, but when I prepare this script I changed it but I think don't saved that version. This why every (other) file open close is include 'b' , binary support.
adding 'b' is not required in linux because it open files in binary mode default. So adding 'b' don't create pain or mac...

Users, please donate me a brand new glass :geek: or your TV could bricked soon :lol:
Thank you for show that. version 0.05 will be windows compatible :)