FTP Enabler app.

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Re: FTP Enabler app.

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You have to copy bftpd Files (bftpd and bftpd.conf) to /mtd_rwarea/SamyGO/ for example
and add following Lines to your SamyGo.sh:
#Enable FTP Mode
if [ -f /mtd_rwarea/SamyGO/bftpd ];then
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/mtd_rwarea/SamyGO
/mtd_rwarea/SamyGO/bftpd -d -c /mtd_rwarea/SamyGO/bftpd.conf

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Re: FTP Enabler app.

Post by erdem_ua »

ue32b7000 wrote: It isn't necessary it seemed a little bit easier with tv on
Model name is: UE32B7000WPXXN
but flashing the firmware is to early for this type of tv I think, I will do that in a later stage when erdem is done with testing etc.
Don't wait for my tests. Because I don't have B7000. If you mind donate me one, than I can make any test you want :D.
If I have one, will flash my B7000 without doubt...
If you decide flashing firmware, please DO NOT USE newer samsung firmwares released today. Some user said that they have some constraints in it.

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Re: FTP Enabler app.

Post by RakDrak »

If you would like increase writing speed over FTP, you haveto change default FTP setting in bftpd.conf
On my TV:
XFER_BUFSIZE="2048" cca 170kB/s
XFER_BUFSIZE="64000" cca 500kB/s

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