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Re: PVR+ v1.0 by geo650

Post by erdem_ua »

moras86 wrote:Hi

Some time ago geo650 create alternative version application for record DVB channels over USB.
Now he do it again :)

This time it's called PVR+ v1.0 and got best user friendly interference from all SamyGO apps what somebody ever create.
Some of changes in this version:
Download from here - http://moras86.ugu.pl/samsung/pliki/lista/#PVRplus
(click to enlarge)
Wow, this needed to be tried. I am using 0.8. I think update of PVR app needed here to :)

Why don't you put it to download area? Than we count how much download from them.
And could you put icons to wiki area? Icons of applications are missed there moras86:)

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by nbd »

Hello, could you post the PVR+ sources also?

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by bastler0815 »


as I asked before ... does the app also work at the UE C Series ?! (UE40C6700)

Great work so far!


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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by openikev2 »

tusko wrote:Whoa, good work!! Maybe this app deserves its own thread ...

It seems it has problems when you emulate a USB stick with a samba mount. I configured it to use a samba share but the recording process failed saying the disk is full (which is not).

Also, it is possible to specify a subdirectory to store the recordings?. In the old version you specified the exact path in the .ini file.

I have the same issue. As for samba shares, a first folder containing the IP address of the file server is virtually created, it is not enough to create a share with the indicated name (DVR1, DVR2...).


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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by gchirtoaca »


First, thanks for this great tool!
The problem with not enough space on destination may be caused by the improper detection when mounting the samba/nfs share.
I usually get 9.8/10 MB frees space detected by the TV.
One solution is to use the re-written usb_mount utility, developed by sorcerer1. The free space is correctly detected using that.
Also, the other utility of his, usb_store, is very useful for making the virtual USB mounts permanent, they don't disappear when inserting/removing real USB devices. These can be found here:
http://forum.samygo.tv/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=284 .

Back to PVR+, I have some suggestions:
- The key combination for activating PVR+ settings (MENU+REC) is a bit tricky to activate, it usually triggers the recording function, because it's hard to press the two buttons in the same time. Can it be something like two time press on the same key, or something like that?
- When recording an 1080i stream to a virtual USB, the application becomes a bit unresponsive, and when trying to stop the recoding, the TV locks, and the recording doesn't stop. I know this is probably caused by the slow write speed and can be solved by using a real USB HDD/stick, but maybe some anti-lock protection can be made.
- When the TV channel contains subtitles in a separate stream, these overwrite the PVR+ settings interface.

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