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Here are software that related with Samsung B series TVs. Like hex editors, new version of BusyBox or internal software, app programs that will run in your TV hardware.:!:This forum is NOT FOR USER QUESTIONS or Problems.

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Re: Record TV over USB

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ruszok wrote:The problem is that the PVR is loaded, the menu works, but it does not save anything on USB. When I click REC - TV hangs up:...

1) Is it necessary to run PVR+ with the lowest priority (nice -19) ? I am not sure it is the probem but I load PVR+ without any prefixes. Actually, I don't use injectso for this, so maybe I don't really know how it behaves.
2) To diagnosis, please comment-out all other modules, and leave PVR+ only. Reboot your TV, then test it again.
Did't help?
3) Check "scripts" subdirectory if it contains any scripts. Remove or rename them.
4) There is a log created in /mtd_ram but it is used to debug loading process only and is deleted just after main module is loaded.
5) Did you re-format your target drive?

(PL): 1:czy "nice" jest potrzebne? 2:usu? wszystko ze ?rodowiska startowego poza PVR+ 3:usu? skrypty PVR+ 4:nie ma logu modu?u g??wnego, a jest tylko dla loadera. 5: mo?e dysk, na kt?rym nagrywasz zosta? "dziwnie" sformatowany?
Spr?buj ca?kowicie wy??czy? PVR+ i uruchomi? go z pendrive. Mo?e problem stanowi injectso? Problem mo?e tak?e le?e? w kolejno?ci uruchamiania, je?li kt?ra? z innych aplikacji nie obs?uguje kolejkowania obs?ugi przycisk?w pilota (PVR+ to obs?uguje wi?c mo?na go ?adowa? na ko?cu). Chwilowo wi?cej pomys??w nie mam. U mnie dzia?a (robocza ver.1.7 co prawda, ale r??nice s? niewielkie) ;)

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Re: Record TV over USB

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seppl wrote:i`ve some issues on my ue40b7090:
- automatic turn off freezes my tv (sound plays but tv shows no response)
Yes, there is a problem with this. Powering off is done by sending POWER key code to the queue but seems to work not quite well. The function used cannot be called twice (I mean for other button codes) because TV hangs up. Fortunately, sending POWER button turns off the TV and this problem disappears. Why it doesn't work on B7090? I don't know. This function was created for T-CHL7DEUC firmware. If somebody know good way to perform software turning off please tell me.
seppl wrote:- manual stop takes up to 3 minutes until i can use it again
On pendrive? also on my TV. On HDD or via LAN - no delay.

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by juusso »

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Re: Record TV over USB | PRV+ 2.0

Post by moras86 »

alfacomp, you can only record digital TV signal (DVB) stream.
For check how signal you use just press INFO button. If there will be name DTV it's OK to record.

If ATV or nothing show, you will know that record isn't possible.

Application can't record from any input sources (HDMI, Scart, AV...), analog television, widgets (YouTube).

Cheers ;)
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