SamygoPVR - Record TV over USB or network location.

Here are software that related with Samsung B series TVs. Like hex editors, new version of BusyBox or internal software, app programs that will run in your TV hardware.:!:This forum is NOT FOR USER QUESTIONS or Problems.

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Re: Record TV over USB

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the PVR application is just impressive. I'm very grateful with all the people that make it possible. I would like to launch here a feature request,: is is possible to make recordings "programmable"?. What I mean is that, for example, if I'm leaving home at 11:00am, but I want to record a program that is scheduled at 8:00pm, I don't want to prepare 200GB for storage space :). I would rather prefer to "program" the recording for 7:55pm, even though I could not stop the recording, it will be ok to stop-when-hd-full.

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by sorcerer1 »

openikev2, scheduled recording is in TODO list.

himym, does Audio Switcher from SamygoPVR v0.9 work? And please tell me the full name of your firmware.

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by nbd »

Hello, I tried the 0.10.1 and the first try was successful, it recorded to USB stick (forgot to remove that before trying, so the file went there). I had already set up nfs share and managed to mount it properly (can write to it from TV's telnet session), but pvr says 'Target not ready' just as some people have experienced.

Then I tried again, modified the ini file to have nfs as primary target (btw, where does the ini file go if I copy the program to TV's memory?) and restarted TV, removed usb before starting pvr, and now it seems to be working much better. I can stop recording and change channel, and start recording again.

If only the nfs could be mounted automatically when the pvr app is loaded. I guess that's not too hard, the nfs share could be configured to the pvr.ini

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Re: Record TV over USB

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Samsung remove recording function in firmware version T-CHU7DEUC-3002.1. SamyGO PVR is based on it and without this function app doesn't work. :x
Maybe other availabilities from app work: change aspect ratio when watch tv (Fav.CH button), switch between soundtracks in Media Player videos (Green+Mute), energy saver options (Green+1...3).
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