Autoloader for custom "Game" plug-ins

Here are software that related with Samsung B series TVs. Like hex editors, new version of BusyBox or internal software, app programs that will run in your TV hardware.:!:This forum is NOT FOR USER QUESTIONS or Problems.

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Re: Autoloader for custom "Game" plug-ins

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Re: Autoloader for custom "Game" plug-ins

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thanks for the reply
tested on B550, working fine (i tried to compile it myself, but apparently the toolchain i used wasn't good)
now only thing left is to understand why pvr doesn't work (even from debug menu 66 stream record),
i got an error 35 on opening .ts file on usb drive :(

any ideas welcome :)
(by the way if someone has a full working toolchain for armv6 ... that would be nice ;) )

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