Tool for the MessageBox Service on the TV

Here are software that related with Samsung B series TVs. Like hex editors, new version of BusyBox or internal software, app programs that will run in your TV hardware.:!:This forum is NOT FOR USER QUESTIONS or Problems.

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Re: Device names

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Do you mean the names in the "Home Network Centre" settings? I don't now how to get these to the TV direct, but it's possible to edit the "Unknown Device 0" names through telnet/ssh. The settings are stored in file mtd_rwarea/dlna_web_root/PmrAclConfig.xml I edited mine using vi (after making a backup, or course). Don't know how to make these appear on the TV, though.

There's another file DmrAclConfig.xml for media play. Edited names will display at the start of any "push" DLNA playback (I use TwonkyBeam).

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Re: Tool for the MessageBox Service on the TV

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There is a project, named Developer Tools for UPnP, found here .
With their DeviceSpy tool, one can find all services exposed by the TV. Attached is a snapshot.
Besides the MessageBoxService, the TV exposes 3 other services: AVTransport, ConnectionManager and RenderingControl.
The last one is interesting because it exposes the functionality for remote controlling the TV, with functions like Set/Get Mute, Set/Get Volume, Contrast, Brightness, etc. And calling the functions from the DeviceSpy tool actually have effect on TV!

This feature is actually specified in the TV manual, but I couldn't find such software yet for mobile phones.

So this is a new possibility for us to create a remote control application for mobile/desktop.
There is such an application already for IPod/IPhone made by Samsung.
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Re: Tool for the MessageBox Service on the TV

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There is also a remote control application app from Samsung called QWERTY Remocon.
I have this running on my Samsung Galaxy S, but unfortunatly it doesn't recognize my LE40B650.
Somewhere i found that this is only working for 2010 TVs.


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Re: Tool for the MessageBox Service on the TV

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Highly possible if only you write that interface...
Just capturing Skype call required, other jobs already done by current java programs at the forum.

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