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Remote LAN Control fixed

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:00 am
by BigNerd95
Using Remote LAN Control with app MyTifi, any time you connect your phone to tv, on the tv appears an annoying label
This is due to missing control of parameters received on socket
Anything received on socket is passed to function that manage tv controls..
When MyTifi connects to tv, it opens a tcp connection on port 2345, then close it immediately, sending nothing, so Remote LAN Control send "0" as command and this correspond to "KEY_SAP" that show "stereo" or "dolby digital" on the top of the screen
I modified source code adding controls of data received on socket to avoid this annoying message
Here you can find source code and precompiled files!8cdFWD6Z!8YkGNNrsY ... aMzvE5EQlk