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Post by quasimodoz »

Hi all,

on my new delivered UE40ES8090 I found a little cone which Samsung named IR-Blaster. The description in the few manual pages did not really give me an idea where it is good for, and even the SAMSUNG support had only useless hints. Can anybody give some more details, preferably technically spoken.

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Re: IR-Blaster

Post by julianbb »

Yap, it's a super infrared (laser-blaster which kill any user who use SamyGo :lol: ) for onboard camera waiting your gesture commands
(when is dark in the room )
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Re: IR-Blaster

Post by ichbins68 »

With IR-Blaster you can control some set top boxes or blueray-player in combination with universal remote control (touchpad).
One way to configure, start the installation-assistant.

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Re: IR-Blaster

Post by bugsy999 »

I would like to control a sound system using this device (Cambridge Soundworks). I would like to be able to switch the unit and adjust the volume. Is there a way I can do this? I have the remote of the sound system.

Thank you

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