ES7000 picture in 3D mode

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ES7000 picture in 3D mode

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I Have a question with 3D picture issue.
Do You also observed this thing ?

When You are watching 3D movie, and change picture mode from standard to dynamic, in about first half of second picture is a little bit better (maybe a little bit more vivid or little more contrast), after about half of second picture become a little bit darker. (i know that when 3d glasses are swithed to ON the picture is darker...but this is not that thing). You can observe this without 3D glasses also.

This issue is easy to observe when you're changing picture mode from standard to dynamic and after few seconds to standard again and after few seconds to dynamic mode again.

I have also observe another thing.... when you change from dynamic to standard and then to movie (so you're push down key on your remote) and from movie mode to dynamic... one on few times picture stay britht and vivid on dynamic mode and does not change.

In movie picture mode this issue does not exist.

I'm wondering it is a normal behaviour .

In 2D mode i've no observed this issue.


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