UE32EH5000 -> UE32EH5300 upgrade

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UE32EH5000 -> UE32EH5300 upgrade

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I'm quite a newbie if it comes to TV mods, so I'm looking for help.
I want to replace motherboard in UE32EH5000 for that from UExxEH5300.
The PCB has slightly different placement I know, but is it possible for it to work?
I read viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4712#p35485 that there might be need to replace ribbon cable and rebuilding it.
I know that it's for other model but there was "instruction is coming" which could give some hint but I can't find anything.
UE32EH5000 board http://euroservice2000.abc24.pl/default ... pro=735737
UExxEH5300 candidates ;) http://euroservice2000.abc24.pl/default ... pro=742649 http://euroservice2000.abc24.pl/default ... pro=742657 http://euroservice2000.abc24.pl/default ... pro=732126
Thanks in advance.

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