Changing Main Board Of UA46ES8000 For UE46ES8000

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Changing Main Board Of UA46ES8000 For UE46ES8000

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Hi all,

Just looking for a bit of info, i wonder if any of you could help!

I have recently bought a UA46ES8000 in the middle east and brought it back to the UK. Ive managed to hack the tv so it will receive free view here in the uk, the only problem is it will not receive the HD channels only SD! :cry:

So i was thinking of changing the main board to the one that is out of the UEXXESXXXX TV.

So my question is, what main board part number do i need? Ive seen 2, BN94-05160S and BN94-06124D? Which one, or will either be ok?

And what procedures do i need to c/o post change of said board?

Thanks in advance


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