EU32EH4003W : won't start

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EU32EH4003W : won't start

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I have a problem with my Samsung TV (EU32EH4003WXZF). When I power it on, the screen backlight starts, but nothing happen then. When i click on the remote control, the red LED blinks in reaction, but nothing on the screen.
I thought it was a power supply problem (as many samsung TVs), so I changed some capacitors of the power supply, but it doesn't change anything.
I don't know where the problem can be, the power supply or the main board.

Can somebody help me to solve the problem ? Or to find a service procedure (can't find the service manual of that model)

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Re: EU32EH4003W : won't start

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It is always best to call the company first and follow their procedures to get it fixed,
If you don't have a warranty, bring it back to where you purchased it, and ask them how much would it cost to fix it,
It is best to leave the tv as it is, and bring it back to service centre

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