UE55ES7090 - no connection after trying to install SammyGg

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UE55ES7090 - no connection after trying to install SammyGg

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hello @all,

hopfully someone understand my great english ;)

I got a UE55ES7090 an try to install SammyGo. I came until the point that have the white test icon in the smart area.

Because i do not come further i let it stay as it is for 2 days. Now i have the big problem that i got no internet connection
with the tv anymore. I can ping to it and got a answer but no connection to the www. I read somewhere that infact you
not turn back the ip-adress that i use for installing SammyGo until 2 days i would be spellbounded?

At the moment i see no way to sign in again to the developer area at the smart section on my tv to switch return the ip-adress
(because of no internet).

Until today i chance allready the fimware to SECUSB_0000 and back to 2015, do a full recovery on the technicans menu but
nothing helps.

Anyone got some ideas how i can fix that? Or do i have to accept that i never would have www on my tv? The tv is connect
via cable to the router, so it could not be a wifi problem. 2 days ago everything works fine...

If there some solution to fix the problem i would be also very very happy if someone have the time to guide my during my
secound trail to get SammyGo on my tv.

thanks up to this point,


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