[ES6300] USB or LAN

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Re: [ES6300] USB or LAN

Post by bugficks »

mkv has no profile it's a container format :)

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Re: [ES6300] USB or LAN

Post by zoelechat »

Of course I meant h264 profile (morning...), that's what mkvs "contain" 99% time (at least the ones we're talking about) ;)
Theory applies to h264 outside mkv too, just my 2 cents anyway...
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Re: [ES6300] USB or LAN

Post by mehmethan »

Cant imagine what it does while playing media? I would disable as much as i can to have full ressources for the media player. Like said, usb doesnt make any problems with files around 5-20gb. I can watch .avi's with 700mb over WLAN but after the 4th it leads to buffering. Dunno why it gets weak over time in that case.

Now im going to try a big file over LAN with a gigabit switch and WiFi AC Bridge (Repeater). The bottleneck is clearly the 100mbit ethernet on the TV, i know.

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