Auto-Semi-Bricked TV ? Ideas needed

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Auto-Semi-Bricked TV ? Ideas needed

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Hi all,

I have a very strange problem:

TV: UE40ES8090 , FW: T-ECPDEUC 2008.2_13042 (latest available via LAN)

Tinkering: In 2012 looking up some parameters in service menu incl. expert mode, no changes made. Since expert mode has been closed by an FW update, nothing has been changed since that time. Changes in service mode: Changing parameters for audio intensity, and check on a regular basis (4 to 6 weeks) if there would be a change in the Bluetooth FW, since I still hope (what a naive) that Sound Share would be available on standard BT headsets (non Samsung devices). But no changes at all made for the last 6 to 9 month.

Problem: On my Samsung note I?m running an app to control the TV. The network is connected via WLAN 802.11n in the 5 GHz band. Everything worked as expected, but I use this app not too often, last time approx. 3 to 4 weeks ago. Last week I wanted to control the TV via this app and it failed. I found, that the network was not connected and tried to reestablish the connection. I found, that the WiFi connection was possible in the 2,4 GHz band, when I changed the parameter WiFi region to ?A? in the service mode menu. When changing it back to ?D? and trying to setup the WiFi connection in normal setup, I can see my network for max. 1 second. Then the TV closes the setup automatically.

At this time I became aware of two other big problems: In normal service menu several items are greyed out. The most important is, that the channel setup is completely unreachable, meaning, that I cannot search for any TV channel in any way. Further in menu | system the ?setup? item and in menu | support | self diagnostics the ?reset? item are greyed.

So I went back to service mode and made a factory reset. After that I had to switch on the TV twice before it reacted. But even then all TV channels were gone, meaning no TV reception was possible. And the problem with channel setup ?and all other greyed items and the WiFi problem still existed.

I had an old copy of the TV settings via the service menu item ?clone TV to USB?. So I did the opposite and started ?clone USB to TV?. After that, I could watch TV as before including my channel settings, but the problem with the WiFi and channel setup still exists.

Now I need help. Any idea why the TV changed its behavior without any intervention ? maybe there has been a FW update, but no other manual tinkering. Any idea what to try?

Manx thanks in advance,


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Re: Auto-Semi-Bricked TV ? Ideas needed

Post by aladin »

Did you succeeed ?
How did you fix it ?

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