UE46ES6300 Top Debug Menu Question

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UE46ES6300 Top Debug Menu Question

Post by Eicar »


When I unlock the TDM on my ES6300 I find some options missing from the menu.
The "Factory Debug" menu (no. 10) is not present in the menu at all. I've tried to type 10, but nothing happens.
I got the ES6300 with Mstar.

The reason I want to enter this menu is to change the hidden settings are unreachable from the normal service menu,
like the Movie R+B Offset & Gain.

Has anyone been able to change this on the ES series at all?

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Re: UE46ES6300 Top Debug Menu Question

Post by juusso »

your not first who reports factory debug is missing. Waiting for more deeper TDM research... Anyone?
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Re: UE46ES6300 Top Debug Menu Question

Post by oga83 »

Yes, function 10 has been removed from TDM
In fact, only the display and function call has been removed; the function (that displays and handles the sub menu) is still in the code and I'm looking for another way to call it

[EDIT] There are also some functions that are not listed but handled in TDM.
For example, in function 12 (SubSystem), you have the following hidden functions :
* 31 : Add lines in file /mtd_rwarea/KeyScenario (end the entry with 1000)
* 32 : Display file /mtd_rwarea/KeyScenario
The KeyScenario file is used by debug console commands like 81501 (viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2737&sid=30b8d447c ... 302#p34624)

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Re: UE46ES6300 Top Debug Menu Question

Post by frmys »

Function 10 Factory Debug , in Top Debug Menu does not exist on ES8000 too. I pressed nearly all numbers up to 100 but could not manage to enter a hidden Factory Debug settings.

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