Help UN40ES6580

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Help UN40ES6580

Post by lynx776 »

I got an UN40ES6580 from USA which has been configured in NTSC and I unfortunately I am living in Africa and we are using PAL or SECAM is there any way to get it fix by acting on the the firmware ?
Another issue is that the TV is using a digital signal and we are still using the analog signal. Can we turn both signal ON in that TV set?

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Re: Help UN40ES6580

Post by E3V3A »

This is almost impossible to answer without a lot more info such as:

- Pictures of your internal mother board
- pictures inside the RF block (a metal box that has the Coax connector to it.)
- Your exact firmware version

However, I have a faint memory that someone said that probably not...even if everything is digital inside and supported by the same firmware, they use minimal complexity of the components needed in order to save on BOM costs. IIRC theres a service menu setting for PAL/NTSC, but you main problem is understanding if they use DVB-A/B/S etc... Good luck and let us know!
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