Which urls does the smarthub need

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Which urls does the smarthub need

Post by ocean »

Hi everybody,
Does anybody have a list of urls the smart tv needs to get smarthub running (maybe a trace of tv's traffic), without beeing "real" connected?
My hint is to set an alternativ dns-server in my lan that links all unneccessary urls to Maybe I could "disable" smarthub-updates in this way while keep all other apps running...
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Re: Which urls does the smarthub need

Post by zoelechat »

You can check my post there ;)
Unfortunately, my router doesn't have functionality to display full URLs, only domains.
More, seeing traffic I wonder if anything is really downloaded and/or installed at all when these "updates" happen...
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Re: Which urls does the smarthub need

Post by arris69 »

just blocking domains won't work, if you like to keep the smarthub in a working state and disable only the update function you have to pass the old version number
to the tv...

reference: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=5342&p=39675&hilit=infolink#p39675

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