BD-C5500 Firmware Extraction

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BD-C5500 Firmware Extraction

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Hi, new member here. Normally I just lurk and gleem the information I need but unfortunately I have become stuck and I don't see any other way than to ask.

I made the mistake of updating my BD-C5500 bluray player and it's been impossible to play blurays since. Samsung have released a firmware update (1028.0) that fixes the disc read problems and the only problem now is that my blurays are extremely choppy (hanging every 2 seconds). I believe that this is because of the big C (Ci***ia) and it's attempts to read the watermarks.

I saw that it would be possible to patch the firmware and get rid of the big C. I have downloaded the firmware 1028.0 and the "SamyGo Firmware Patcher" to attempt a patch. Using the instructions (from: ... Free_Patch), I am now stuck at step 4, decrypting and extracting the RUF file.

Running the command:

Code: Select all decrypt ./BSP-C5500WWB-1028.0/
doesn't seem to do anything to extract the RUF file. Instead it is telling me that I have use an already extracted image in a folder. 7zip keeps giving me an error that the RUF file is not a valid archive.

I have the key (from: viewtopic.php?t=1814) but have no clue how to use it.

How do I extract the RUF file in order to patch the firmware? Any help would be appreciated.

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