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BD-D8900 boot sequence output not shown on console

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 6:47 pm
by tjarzabek
I do not get any transmission from my BD-D8900 during cold or hot boot.

I identified the console tracks (R852-Rx, R859-Tx) according to the picture here: ... -D8X00.jpg

I also connected Putty as descibed here: ... BD_players
using FTDI converter set to 3.3V.

Oscilloscope connected to R859-Tx shows 3.3V when device is powered and 0V when off. No signals appear on this pad.

Do I need any settings for the device to get boot info on the console?

Please note that the root cause is that this BD-D8900 does not output to HDMI. To investigate the reason I would like to get any output from the console.

Please advice.