Info when browsing channels?

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Re: Info when browsing channels?

Post by erdem_ua »

doodlecz wrote:
erdem_ua wrote:Don't you supposed that is a hard way? :D
Yeah, I had to look for THE ONE byte! :D

For analog tuner I think there is no additional info displayed. But I'm not sure.
Since it's one byte hack, I firmware patcher could include that hack easily too.

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Re: Info when browsing channels?

Post by ji035453 »

bmwskead wrote:i noticed on a B650T2P that on the first time i switched the channel no epg information is displayed (the popup appears without content), after pressing the info button again it works... not always but sometimes
It's quite normal when you switch from one multiplex to another (channels are grouped in multiplexes). Switching channels within one multiplex is without this effect.
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Re: Info when browsing channels?

Post by steve-austin »

Works on my 2 B650T2W with patched firmware.

55B650 and 37B650 with patched firmware

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Re: Info when browsing channels?

Post by doodlecz »

nitephyre wrote:Ok, I'm noticing an issue on my tv (see sig) where the channel info box comes up when I press Source. I then have to press Source a second time to get the source menu up. Anyone else having this problem?
Hmm, strange.. I'll try to check this. Does the source menu come up only in case, the channel info is already displayed? And if it disappears, after pressing the "source" button, the channel info comes up again..?

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