Energy saving options, panel-backlight on/off switch etc.

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Energy saving options, panel-backlight on/off switch etc.

Post by sbav1 »

After analyzing some energy-saving related firmware methods/functions (this time) more throroughly, preliminary results are somehow promising.. I've created simple application to test these method calls; it has the following features:

1) key "8" (numeric "8" on the remote): video mute ON
2) key "9": video mute OFF
3) key "7": check energy setting (current NVRAM value is printed to serial console)
4) key "6": set energy saving to "High"
5) key "5": set energy saving to "Low"
6) key "4": set energy saving to "Off"
7) key "3": set energy saving to "Auto"
8) key "2": set energy setting to "Picture Off" (that one is the most interesting one of all, as the panel/backlight/inverter gets really switched OFF in this mode).

AFAIK, video mute functions (1, 2) and actual energy saving functions (3-8) are basically working independently from each other (video mute only applies to main video output plane, while inverter-backlight and OSD/SDL framebuffers are not affected). Eg., for media player in audio/mp3 mode: background image gets switched on/off while toggling video mute, but playing controls remain on the screen.

The nice thing is that panel/backlight off (8) seems to be working in all circumstances (for TV/HDMI input mode, in Media player while playing MP3s, in Content libray etc).

NOTE: This code is highly experimental; only tested on LExxB650 T2W with CHL7DEUC 2005.0 firmware (no version checks whatsoever). I suspect energy-saving related parameter values may be completely different in PDP or LED panel TVs.. If you want to experiment - first, please verify CMenuEnergySavingValueItem::SetMenuItemData and CGeneralActionWindow::t_ProcessExit firmware functions.
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Re: Energy saving options, panel-backlight on/off switch etc.

Post by manga00 »

Hi sbav1,

all funktiction are aviable on ci+

Code: Select all

DEBUG: KeyCommon::SendKeyPressInput(KEY_06_NUM3): key=0x00000006
DEBUG: TCTv::SetOption(OPTION_ESAVING): ret=0x00000001, esaving=0x00000004
DEBUG: KeyCommon::SendKeyPressInput(KEY_08_NUM4): key=0x00000008
DEBUG: TCTv::SetOption(OPTION_ESAVING): ret=0x00000001, esaving=0x00000000
DEBUG: KeyCommon::SendKeyPressInput(KEY_09_NUM5): key=0x00000009
DEBUG: TCTv::SetOption(OPTION_ESAVING): ret=0x00000001, esaving=0x00000001
DEBUG: KeyCommon::SendKeyPressInput(KEY_0A_NUM6): key=0x0000000A
DEBUG: TCTv::SetOption(OPTION_ESAVING): ret=0x00000001, esaving=0x00000003
DEBUG: KeyCommon::SendKeyPressInput(KEY_0C_NUM7): key=0x0000000C
DEBUG: TCTv::GetOption(0xf): ret=0x00000001, value=0x00000003

DEBUG: KeyCommon::SendKeyPressInput(KEY_0D_NUM8): key=0x0000000D
DEBUG: Video_muting(0x0d): Muting..
DEBUG: KeyCommon::SendKeyPressInput(KEY_0E_NUM9): key=0x0000000E
DEBUG: Video_muting(0x0e): Unmuting..
[b]DEBUG: KeyCommon::SendKeyPressInput(KEY_05_NUM2): key=0x00000005
DEBUG: Turning panel/inverter OFF..
[DEFAULT/Debugging] 3 : [t_ProcessKeyDelayOnTimer:8465] power set off[/b]
all functions are available on ci +, other panel off is tv off.
when I call the funktion from menue "picture off" is that the Debug info.

Code: Select all

##### [CTaskManager::ActivateApplication][INFO] {callthread = 1688589456, from =
 3, app = 0 , cApp = 3, bActivateTVViewer = 1, pActiveData = 0x0, pDeactiveData
= 0x0} ####
m_bOSDDisplay:0, m_bDynamicControlStatus:0, m_bSignalActivity:1, iSourceMode:801
, ResInfo.IsPC:0
when i press any key comes the display back.
Debug info:

Code: Select all

[Chelsea_Clock_ON/OFF(Ref:0x30090CC8_Bit[0]), bEnable=1

DEBUG: KeyCommon::SendKeyPressInput(KEY_68_ENTER): key=0x00000068
m_bOSDDisplay:1, m_bDynamicControlStatus:0, m_bSignalActivity:1, iSourceMode:801
, ResInfo.IsPC:0
m_bOSDDisplay:0, m_bDynamicControlStatus:0, m_bSignalActivity:1, iSourceMode:801
, ResInfo.IsPC:0
i hope that helps.

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