mount samba or NFS on HT-9750w

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mount samba or NFS on HT-9750w

Post by andbir »

I've managed to get the SamyGO extensions running on my home theater (i.e. Bluray + surround system in one integrated package) system but I can't seem to mount any NFS or Samba shares. After some investigation, it turns out that none of the nfs, smbfs, cifs file system modules are loaded and as far as I am able to determine, they don't even exist on the system

Has anybody been able to mount remote filesystems over the network from the HT-F9750w or somewhat identical system?
Are there .ko modules availiable that I could just put in /lib/modules and load with insmod?

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Re: mount samba or NFS on HT-9750w

Post by zoelechat »

F bluray rooting is still in minimal state for now and only provided for Cinavia removal. Check E/F bluray rooting thread, you might find a few infos, but no more :)
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