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Here is information about customize your F series firmware.

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Re: change region

Post by vietson02 »

Anybody confirm with me the model 50F6400 can be changed region to EUROPAN ?

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Re: change region

Post by nielsicq »

vietson02 wrote:Anybody confirm with me the model 50F6400 can be changed region to EUROPAN ?
i would really like to know this i would like to use a German 40F6400 in NL with Ci+

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Re: change region

Post by thamch »

TV - PS51F5500.
Try the option below.
Able to get open up the Service Menu.
Then tried option 6. But the region and local_set still GREYED. Any possible suggestions? or where I could have done wrongly?

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Re: change region

Post by Ikario »

Hi! I want to apologize for bringing this thread back from the dead, but I had some doubts and I checked the forum without founding an answer so I figured, as it is related to this, that I would ask here.

I have an argentinian tv UN55F8000A and a friend got for me a SEK-2000/ZA which is from USA. It is known already that Evolution Kits are region-locked so you should get the one for your region. Unfortunately, I googled and SEK-2000 was not released for Argentina so that's not an option.

There are two ways to change tv regions. One is the app-store region (changed on the EULA step of the setup) and the other one is that of the service menu, setting "local_set" to another country and that would change the tv to another region or nationality.

Would any of these changes allow me to use my SEK-2000/ZA on my UN55F8000A from Argentina? I was thinking that most probably the local_set field would let me do it but maybe the evolution kit just checks a hard-coded product number and that's that. Would I run any big risks trying this?

Thanks in advance for any replies :)

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