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spare compatibility

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:20 am
by Zigomatix
my UE46F6400AWXZF (French market model) has broken down. I don't know what happened for I wasn't at home.
According to the service manual, I have to change the motherboard.
My motherboard refernces are BN41-01958A and BN94-016171A, I can't find it as spare.
I found two boards, both are from UK model: one BN41-01958B (BN94-06270R) comming from a UE50F6400AK and one BN41-01958A (BN94-06724J) comming from a UE46F6320AK.
Can someone tell me if I can put one of these in my TV and if it might work properly ?
Thanks for your answers

Re: spare compatibility

Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:43 pm
by bogdan0
I have made a change of motherboard for another TV F8500. Based on experience the screen size assigned with the mainboard was issue that I could not solve => I would NOT take the one BN41-01958B (BN94-06270R) comming from a UE50F6400AK.
For the other mainboard it MIGHT work. In this case, your TV will become ver 6320 instead of 6400.
If you buy it from ebay make sure that you possibility to return it in x days if it does not work and in this case you will just loose the transportation cost.
I changed the mainboard myself and maybe you can do it also by yourself and in same day you will know if the TV is working with the mainboard or not.
One recommendation: after you remove the power cable and before you unplug the old mainbord, press and hold the power button of the TV (I hope you have one such a switch); this will help you to take out any left small power inside the TV components.

Re: spare compatibility

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:26 pm
by Zigomatix
Hi everybody.
I would like to share my experience in case someone has to do something similar.
I finaly found a motherboard comming from the same TV as mine EXACTLY: UE46F640AWXZF and another one that has the same BN41 / BN94 n° but not comming from the same TV. I finaly choose the first one
This motherboard is NOT the same a s mine I had a BN41-01958A / BN94-016171A, I bought a BN41-01958B / BN94-06724D. How could it be that the same TV can have different hardware inside ? I don't know, improvement maybe.
What I learn is all the BN41 ref n° are blank card ref n° (without any component).
Anyway I pluged the card and the TV started well exept the image was upside down and right for left.
Using a Galaxy S4 and the service remote app, I managed to enter the extended service menu and, as stated in the service manual, I had to change the LCD panel Type in the MRT option menu, my type is 46A1AFOS and the board had 46R1AFOS, reboot the TV and all goes well now.
The thing is 1st search the internet for the BN94 ref and second search for the same TV as yours but I think any main board with the same firmware as yours might work as long as you can get an image and change every item in every option from the service menu (including extended and expert one).
See you