UE46F6400 mainboard replacement help

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UE46F6400 mainboard replacement help

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Hy guys.
I have a UE46f6400 tv with faulty mainboard. I would like to replace it.
The tv product nr is ue46f6400awxxh ver 3 with the mainboard nr. BN94-06717B.
I found a guy who had a tv "UE46f6400" but don`t know the full product nr and ver of it, but the mainboard looks the same as i have but with different nr. BN94-06724D.
Now my question is, can i replace my faulty mainboard with his one if he has different nr. of it? Will it work?
Or is there a way to find somewhere for a tv as mine what kind of mainboard are compabitle with?
Kind Regards, Sheldon8.

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