PL51F4500 Bricked after region change

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PL51F4500 Bricked after region change

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Hi guys !

I'm looking for help with my Plasma TV :(

I bought the tv on Peru, but i'm from Chile. After the region change (Peru to Chile) on the service menu, the tv starts to rebooting.

So, this happen with the tv when I connect them to the wall:

- The tv power on by itself. I don't do nothing with the tv button or the remote. The tv starts by itself.
- 3 seconds black
- 8 seconds with the Samsung logo
- 10 seconds on black
- Reboot

I don't know what can I do :( I open it, and I'm looking for a new motherboard (is this the name?) for my plasma.

So, this are my 2 options:

1- repair my tv (I don't know how)
2- buy a new mb

For the first option; here I have a photo of the mainboard:


I don't know how to do the Unbricked method...

For the second option, I have some problem.
The TV it's only selled on Latin America, and I can't find repair parts for it. But, they have a similar: the PN51F4500 (selled on North America).
Will be problems if I put a mb of some PN plasma, on my PL tv?

Thanks for all, sorry if I have some problems with my english. Greetings from the end of the world !

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