UE46F5370 Decrypt Recordings without Root?

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UE46F5370 Decrypt Recordings without Root?

Post by zimmer2008 »

Hello everyone here in this Forum,

to be honest i am a bit lost with all the Information provied here. I have the feeling that the Infos i need are present in some Threads, but either i overread it, just used the wrong keywords for my search (as i dont even know what it is called what i am searching for) or i just dont get it :? .
I ask you for your understanding and patient.

Maybe this Summary of questions can be usefull for any other who is searching for a similar solution.

I have an UE46F5370 TV with installed Firmware 2126 and an external 1TB HDD-Drive with recorded Files (which got encrypted since i fool started a Firmware Update some time ago). I already copied the encrypted Files via Linux also on my internal HDD-Drive. TV is in local Network. I don't need a permanent working Solution for using PVR of my TV in future, i just want to decrypt the already existing Files. Also i don't want to root my TV.

  • UE46F5370
  • Firmware "2126"
  • external 1TB HDD-Drive with encrypted Files
  • TV in local Network
  • TV not to be rooted
  • One-Time-Usage for existing Files
Available OS:
  • Windows 10 64bit
  • Kubuntu 17.04 64bit
I read follwing Threads which i thought may solve my Problem:

I tried the Programm from the latter Thread (drmdecrypt), resulting in a non readable *.ts file.
So before doing any further Research or Attempts i would like to ask you experts, now knowing my preconditions, a few basic questions regarding decryption of the files - To have a solid basis to continue research or to abandon hope :cry:.
  1. Is it even possible to encrypt any sort of decrypted *.srf Files (directly on TV, on my local Linux/Windows Machine, via Network... etc.) without rooting my TV ?
  2. If yes (out of interest): Is the rooting neccessary to extract the used Key for the encrypted Files?
  3. If yes (out of interest): Would it even be possible to decrypt Files that have been encrypted before rooting the TV or is it just working with root-recorded Files?
  4. If no: Any kind of hint to a Thread or Programm that will do the job is much appreciated.
  5. Is it possible to downgrade to an older TV Firmware-Version? (i guess not, since decryption will not work if Key missing internaly in TV). Maybe it's possible to downgrade to any specific Version with a weaker encryption?
  6. Alternatively I thought about any kind of streaming or accessing the HDD over Network via the TV or directly via some kind of TV-Output to let the TV decrypt the Files while my PC is recording the Stream, is this possible in any way?
Thank you very much in advance for your help.

With kind regards,


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Re: UE46F5370 Decrypt Recordings without Root?

Post by zoelechat »

Only TV knows key, hence root mandatory to catch it. No root=no decryption, definitely.
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