Widget installation tutorial

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Widget installation tutorial

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Sorry for dumb question. But i am looking through topics etc since yesterday and cannot find information about how to install widgets on TV.
I've UE46F6400 rooted using MST method and it's working fine.

Yesterday i've tried and installed WhiteRaven app (putting IP in more apps), but i would like to add more apps and when i change IP there the whiteraven is disappearing.

Should those widgets be put on USB sticked to TV? Or should i have my own server with widgets?
Basically what i would be needing is:
-whiteraven because it's quite great (i was using popcorn time in the past)
-IPTV, as i would like to buy access for some good IPTV and use it from the level of TV
-Newer version of Netflix (but not mandatory, this one installed on TV works okayish)

I would be glad for any hints or even links to proper topics.

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