Help with F8500 HD tuner and apps

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Help with F8500 HD tuner and apps

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I just recently bought used F8500 plasma, so I have few more things to figure out.
I didn't know there were multiple "versions" of the TV, and only after I bought it I realized I have PS51F8500SLXXH, and only STXXU has DVB-T2 tuner built in. I've seen some threads on the forum about users replacing their tuners with DVB-T2 compatible, and I would like to know is it possible to do on my TV.
There is STXXU version that has the T2 tuner, so there are parts(?) but I do now know if the TV would support HEVC decoding, because here in Croatia HD channels on DVB-T2 are HEVC encoded.

Another issue are Smart TV programs, I have factory reset the TV after receiving it, now all the apps are gone and I can't download new ones, am I doing something wrong or are the apps not available any more? Is there way to add them manually instead?

Thanks for all the help!

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