UE65F9090 (UHD) different questions

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UE65F9090 (UHD) different questions

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Hi there,

i have two special Samsung questions which do not depend on alternativ firmwares, first i want to be able to play UHD files from USB but somehow it seems to be locked till now, does someone know a way around this ?
I have the files from the demo stick and know its quadhd, 4 files put together but i want to be able just to download files from example Youtube and play them as MP4 from USB in 4k.

the second problem is my Diablo Wifi Modul, i have artefacts and sound problems when trying to use this module, on D Series there was an Setting in SVN which where called TS Clock Margin, but i can not find this in my Service Menu on the F9090, do you have any idea which is the right setting for it ?

thanks !

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