Samba & Windows 8.1 Pro

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Re: Samba & Windows 8.1 Pro

Post by apoklyps3 »

thanks man.
new version works, samba mounting from telnet is working.
what do i do now so i can see my samba share as usb and to record on it?

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Re: Samba & Windows 8.1 Pro

Post by juusso »

you have to write your IP/shares/login data to smb_userdata OR to samba.init script itself. Check related topics.

Here is no howto for PVR to samba on F series, if you find the way how to do that, please share with us. Check related topics for other series (C/D/E).

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Re: Samba & Windows 8.1 Pro

Post by hs1234 »

I Need Little help please.

when i mount over Telnet it works fine :mrgreen:
but when i mount in smb.conf or in init.d for automatic mount, it don?t work :-(

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mount -t cifs // -o username=xxx,password=xxx /dtv/usb/sda1/WindowsShare
thx for help

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