Subtitle Size - UE64F6510

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Subtitle Size - UE64F6510

Post by stelio »

Hi All,
I have UE64F6510 firmware version 1118.2.
The biggest problem is that subtitles are to small . There are 3 options (small|standard|large) , even on "large" option they are small.
Please suggest fix/hack.
Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Subtitle Size - UE64F6510

Post by crni6 »

I have same problem with f6400, subs are to small and to low...any fix?
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Re: Subtitle Size - UE64F6510

Post by citro »

My TV is UE40F6400AWXXH . My problem is the same: small subtitles (even on LARGE settings).

According the sourceforge page, the hack allows Big & Colored Subtitles Fix for comfortable watching.

I really don't care about the colored part, I would like only bigger subtitles.

Is this feature enabled for F series TVs? The wiki says nothing about it and the reference thread - viewtopic.php?f=63&t=6778 - is also lacking this info.

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