Bluetooth in F6300AFXZA

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Bluetooth in F6300AFXZA

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I've been doing some thinking into how to add a bluetooth module to my non-BT UN40F6300AFXZA TV. I have read the other posts and seen some great work, but I think there is a very simple way to add an internal BT module. I have noticed that the BT equipt F6400AFXZA series TV uses what appears to be the same exact main board as the Non-BT F6300AFXZA. Unless I am wrong the main board's have the same model number (Part #BN41-01958A). My thought is to just add the Samsung BT module (Part #BN96-25376A) to the F6300. Now, looking at the BT-Module, It looks like it connects to the main board via plug. Can anyone confirm how the BT-Module is connected to the mainboard in the F series TV's? If it is a simple matter of plugging one in and enabling BT in the service menu, then possibly a Firmware update, it looks like a very simple procedure. Any additional thoughts, or ideas on this?

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Re: Bluetooth in F6300AFXZA

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Just read my posts (user rg2013) and of user slav on bluetooth topics. I think this will explain most of your Questions.
Hint: I think that the bluetooth equipment must be based on broadcom chipsets, but thats just an assumption.
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