PROJECT Idea - DLNA media duplicator - Advice requested

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PROJECT Idea - DLNA media duplicator - Advice requested

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The problem:
1. DLNA does not allow seeking, yet many people have DLNA servers.
2. Some DLNA servers are not as good as others (e.g. my P*****ic DTV recorder), and can't be seen by Sasmsung.

The proposal:
1. To create an app/widget which can view a 'folder structure' from a DLNA server.
2. Mark the 'files' wanted for viewing on the TV.
3. Copy the files from the server to the local storage.

Possible enhancements:
Mark folders for copying.
copying at a specified time (middle of the night).
Knowing what we copied before, and even if we deleted it, don't copy again.

So, how to do it?
I'm new here, so need some advice. I've read a lot but not nearly enough :)
1. I could start with a script to read the folder structure and file presence. Have this generate another script which would copy all files; edit the resulting script on PC, and then run the script to copy the files. This would be a good starting point, without needing to learn javascript and custom widget installation.
2. There is a FOSS DLNA project in python; have we got python? Else it would be native apps; what is the preference?
3. is there a FOSS file manager app/widget for SamyGO which could form the basis of a gui?

Of course, the basics could be developed outside the TV, and implement FTP upload to write to the 'local' storage, but longer term, I would like to run this inside the TV, since I don't have an 'always on' PC, and i'd really like a single set of network traffic rather that to and then from the PC.

Advice on development style:
For developing for SamyGO, where do people colaborate? is github ok?

thanks in advance for any advice/comments :)


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