Better TimeShift - e.g. Auto-TimeShift

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Better TimeShift - e.g. Auto-TimeShift

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Hey guys.

Is there a way with a rootet UEXXF6470 with Softwareversion T-MST12DEUC-1118.2,BT-S/G
to create a better TimeShift?

I had 3 thinks that I realy really hate!

First thing:
I click on the INPUT-Selection Button and all my TimeShift-Video is gone without Warning!

Secend thing:
Sometimes I missed something and wanna go back some seconds/minutes. So I have to click after every channel-change once on pause (II).
Like forcing time-Shift.
Is there a way that he do this on his own.

Third thing:
I have aconnected a 2,5 INCH 120GB (Sansdisk, secend choise :) ) SSD for record or timeshift.
Is it perhaps possible to put the records directly, crypted or uncrypted, to my NAS-Storage?
Sometimes I am 2 hours gone, but when I come back I want to see my moive. but I allready playing... :-(
There is much more space than 120GB on a NAS :D

Would be nice to hear some good news...

Greetings by Patrioter
with Softwareversion:

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