Trying to get 5.1 sound via hdmi (UE60H7090)

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Trying to get 5.1 sound via hdmi (UE60H7090)

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Hello :)

I am currently trying to use a Sonos Arc together with a UE60H7090 to get at least Dolby 5.1.

The Sonos is connected to the tv via the ARC port.

Before I started trying to get 5.1 working I discovered that there is a setting for Dolby compression which solved the very low sound level, I switchched this to „Line“ instead of HF.

Then I noticed that the Sonos App is showing different sound inputs depending on what I am doing and using.

When running e.g. Netflix natively on the TV, I seem to get Dolby 5.1, but only after activating Dolby digital in the advanced sound menu. It sounds like 5.1 and the Sonos app shows „Dolby digital 5.1“ being used as an input.

When using an Apple TV, i get Stereo pcm in the Sonos app by default. When I force Dolby digital in the Apple TVs settings and change the setting in the advanced audio menu to Dolby digital the Sonos App shows Dolby digital 5.1 and the sound is fine.

However, my PS5 only has the setting „prefer“ where I can choose from PCM, Dolby and DTS. It does not matter which setting I am using on the PS5: The advanced audio menu does not show me Dolby digital or DTS, just PCM and DTS neo (the latter seems to be some simulated surround sound).

Why does the PS5 not use Dolby? Does this tv even have passthrough via hdmi? Why are the advanced audio settings working for the Arc which is connected via hdmi? The manual says these settings are for spdif, this is something I do not understand at the moment too.

Maybe someone can help me with these questions, the behavior is rather weird, all I want is 5.1 :D

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