DVB-T2 Tuner on H series

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DVB-T2 Tuner on H series

Post by djcool »

I now that the "NORMAL EUROPEAN" H series 6200 ,6500 etc have only DVB-T tuners...but there an exception.Example the Italian version of H6500 have DVB-t2 tuners inside!! Is that Software activated (Region Change)
or it is really a another tuner Module?
If its another tuner module we could make our H series future proof simply changing it .The only part missing is the HEVC
codec but that its another story..

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Re: DVB-T2 Tuner on H series

Post by syapl »

Think you need to go to service menu to change the region, after that change the tuner inside sm

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Re: DVB-T2 Tuner on H series

Post by gipfelgoas »

Any news?

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Re: DVB-T2 Tuner on H series

Post by kapiszon53 »

Any news? My tv (H6270) is capable of HEVC decoding. The only part missing is dvb-t2 decoder which I hope can be turned on somehow

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Re: DVB-T2 Tuner on H series

Post by notengo13 »

There are 3 ways to do it.
1. Changing mainboard which has DVB-T2 from other country than yours
2. Desoldering tuner dvb-t from main board and replacing with dvb-t2 and soldering again to mainboard.
3. Buying a new TV.
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