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Opened service menu on UN65H7150 to enable BT headphones, now volume wont work

Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2020 10:34 pm
by konakazi
Hi all -

Been searching for a straight answer but haven't had any luck.

Got a pair of Bose BT headphones and wanted to pair them with my UN65H7150. Didn't see any BT option though.

Another forum suggested entering the service menu to enable them. I was a bit lost but saw something about BT and chose "yes".

Now I do have the option but a) I get "Not available" when I try to change my volume or mute the tv. b) The audio was playing through both the TV and my headphones at the same time.

I fear I may have toggled another setting in the service menu that affected the audio. It's not intuitive at all. Now I see all the warnings about going in , but would just like to at least get the volume/mute enabled again.

Thanks in advance!