H series region change

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Re: H series region change

Post by pi3ito »

Amigos ayuda,

Con que programa de android y como se hace para editar el boton para aplicar un factory via IR??

Thanks from Chile.

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Re: H series region change

Post by pi3ito »

Success , thank you very much to everyone achieves modify advanced settings including set locally and reconfigure my UNH8000 Samsung Smart TV , the procedure is quite simple thanks to a file that the user provided us "silver 18" N page # 15 , first turned on the TV, then precione the "info " button and then from my notebook , with IR extender connected and the volume to 100% reproduces the Audacity program and success.

Thank you very much , however someone could please give me the configuration data of the TV ??


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Re: H series region change

Post by TheFlc86 »

Hello guys,

thanks for your help.

My two cents, in case you are experiencing problems with the IR wav files when using the Samsung IR extender, be sure to remove all the devices connected via remote universal controller (up right corner when pressing Source button). In my case the TV was forwarding these signals.


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Re: H series region change

Post by lukic01 »

Greetings! I have a Samsung UE48H6500. Last update 2130. The TV has made rooting and positioned in service menu Paneuro.
Can I damage the TV if I change the region where the TV is not physically?

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Re: H series region change

Post by pixar »

Hi everyone,
I bought on July a Samsung 50H6400 France locked :(
sadly on the first install the guy who installed it updated the software to the last version. No on the service menu is locked on PANEUR. I tried everything on this forum without success. Is it possible to do something with the last firmware or not? Not even a downgrade? I hope in something nice update.


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Re: H series region change

Post by James1976 »


I have one Samsung serie H (65H8500 Europe).
I have problems to send 3speed FACTORY + keys. My phones are Samsung Galaxy Ace and Mini S3. These phones do not Have IR. I have the IR Blaster Samsung.
I have tried using the method with Itunes but I have not gained access to the extended menu. Could you tell me if possible? And steps.

Thank you,

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Re: H series region change

Post by Pacman84 »

Hello! I have the 40H6203, which guide I have to follow to change the local set in ITA? in service menu did not appear own voice ... In particular I'm interested enable mhp .. Sorry for my english :roll:

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Re: H series region change

Post by Err0r88 »


i've got an UE40H5570SS, and its an German model. So i want to alter it to an dutch model so the channels are in the right dutch order (CanaalDigitaal) Sattelite.

Now it lets me get in the factory menu, but as you can see the region is greyed out.


now i press 2 times the 3speed button on my Htc Phone. then i get this menu:


But the region is only PANEURO, thats the only europe region.

I need the country Netherlands in the menu in the below image:


Someone got any suggestions ?

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Re: H series region change

Post by undertherain »

There are many days that I try and try again, but nothing to do, I'm going crazy .
I have two SAMSUNG TV, a UE40H6400 (EU - France ) purchased a week ago and an old UE40D6510 (ITALY).
I connected the SAMSUNG IR BLASTER included in the box of UE40H6400 to the headphone jack of my notebook and after putting high audio I did a series of tests by performing various .wav files with VLC on BOTH TV.
I tried to run FACTORY+3SPEED_inv.wav from within the Service menu, I tried to press INFO on the remote control and perform FACTORY_from_REMOTE_inv.wav but... nothing, nothing at all.
I have the TV localset not selectable .
I tried on the old UE40D6510 just to see if the problem was only on the new UE40H6400 TV but nothing.
You tell me where I'm wrong?
But when I send a .wav file from the PC to the TV, the infrared sensor of the TV flashes as when I use normal remote control or not?!?
The SAMSUNG IR BLASTER I keep it near the right bottom of TV, okay, but at what position exactly?
The SAMSUNG logo must be on the top, on the side, on the bottom, etc....
Help me... I'm going crazy with this thing.
Ciao... ;)

UPDATE: Last night I was up at 3.45 AM to go crazy to make ITA the new UE40H6400 that I buy for my dad, evil French blocked.
Finally the method was this: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=8100
But the thing that concerns the method by original TV IR blaster I used which I found really difficult because no one says, or almost, is that MUST BE USED WMP to run the .wav files to be sent!
With VLC does not work !!!
The method for my TV was entering the service menu with the usual sequence, press the INFO button on the remote control SAMSUNG and soon after, quickly, send the file "FACTORY_from_REMOTE_inv.wav" (I think because it was already 3.00 AM and there was As a result of sending the wrong file the TV is made with screens flashing red/green/blue/etc., and also removing the power supply would not stop, solved by sending another file...).
Anyway... It's okay, I selected H6500 model also, with LCN, MHP and PVR.
Thanks again to everyone... ;)
It's raining... ///

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Re: H series region change

Post by Boutgourine »

I have UE40H6470 TV and there is no (LocalSet) Why should I do? Thank you and I beg you to help me

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