Direct writing decoded recording on usb-disk

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Direct writing decoded recording on usb-disk

Post by hucky »

first of all big thanx again for your great rooting tool!

I remember my first Samsung D Series allowed direct writing
the decoded recording on the record-partition of tv-connected
USB Drive. (after installing a little piece of code on the rooted D...)
My linux had no problems to read the partition with these recordings so
it was really easy to copy them for archiving or any other thing.
OK, it is possible with PVR-Decoder but the old solution was
much more comfortable (for linux-user :lol: )

So my question: is this possible (and when how) also on F and/or H-Series?

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Re: Direct writing decoded recording on usb-disk

Post by zoelechat »

Yeah, check donor's area (=Extras) for NoDRM, there are 2 versions: One for E/F and the other for H, then follow procedure(s) :)
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