Missing apps in Smart Hub (change of region)

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Missing apps in Smart Hub (change of region)

Post by cyro3 »

Hello all,
I had troubles with my smart hub. I wanted to try some apps which should be available from my region (Slovakia). But they missed. (I mean VOD for my region = banaxi and kuki).

I contacted banaxi support. They said that I should change region in my TV to (CZ or Germany). I tried:
- change region in Smarthub - did not work
- change region in Broadcasting - did not work

Then I tried to do it acc this manual http://www.eyeondemand.com/2015/08/26/h ... app-store/

Finally it worked. But you have to adjust :
- language of region which app you want (for me Czech),
- broadcasting region (for me Czech),
- smarthub region (for me Czech).

Then later, you can change your language and broadcasting to your region (for me Slovakia). Apps in smarthub are still Czech, which is for me ok.

PS: if you choose in countries menu "all apps" it did not work for me.

I hope that this manual is clear and can help to more people. :D

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Re: Missing apps in Smart Hub (change of region)

Post by Borygo77 »

Will try this someday after factory reset as I got UK or Ireland region only but wish to use Polish vod apps as well. Someday ;) Thank you! :)
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